Our Service Level.

Service Level Agreement

1. Definitions

  • Availability - is measured as a percentage of time that the service is operational and/or contactable from the Internet. This is measured over any calendar month. This availability percentage does not include any Scheduled Maintenances, where the required notice period has been met.

  • Eligible Service Credit Period - is a single calendar month in which the Service Outage occurred.

  • Service Credit - is a dollar credit (in AUD), as calculated below, that is credited to a VostroCloud account once an SLA claim has been approved. Service Credits are not transferable or redeemable for cash.

  • Service Outage - is defined as the situation when a Customer’s virtual machine is not operation or not available to the Internet, and where VostroCloud is unable to rectify this situation within the 'Time to Repair' (TTR) window.

  • Time to Repair (TTR) - is defined as a 90-minute window, during which VostroCloud will perform all that is commercially reasonable to restore 'Availability' to your virtual machine. If the 'Availability' of a virtual machine is not restored within this window, then a 'Service Outage' event is deemed to have occurred.

  • Standard Operational Hours - is defined as a period from Monday to Friday 08:00am to 05:00pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time, excluding Public Holidays.

  • Extended Operational Hours - is defined as a period outside of the Standard Operational Hours.


2. The Agreement

2.1. The VostroCloud Service Level Agreement (SLA) is an agreement relating to the use of VostroCloud Services between the Customer and VostroCloud. This agreement has been designed to provide you with confidence in the reliability of our Service offering. Our goal is to ensure that our Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

2.2. This SLA is to be read in conjunction with the VostroCloud Customer Agreement. By subscribing to our Service you accept, without limitation or qualification, the terms and conditions contained within this Service Level Agreement as well as the Customer Agreement.


3. Service Levels

3.1. Coverage

3.1.1. VostroCloud will take commercially reasonable efforts to make the VostroCloud platform available to our clients with a guaranteed Service Availability of at least 99.9% as measured over any calendar month.

3.1.2. The SLA covers the Availability of a virtual machine as well as the cloud environment (servers, storage, routers, switches, networking) that is under our exclusive control. This SLA does not apply to any Service Outages or downtime related to Scheduled Maintenances, neither it applies to Service Outages or downtime caused by Customer actions. It also does not cover any software or services running within the virtual machines, as they are under complete control of the Customer

3.1.3. If VostroCloud does not comply with this SLA commitment, you will be eligible to receive a Service Credit for the Eligible Service Credit Period.


3.2. Service Credits

3.2.1. If the cumulative availability for a Customer within a calendar month drops below 99.9%, the Customer is eligible to receive a Service Credit equal to a percentage of their bill for the Eligible Service Credit Period (if availability is not restored within the Time to Repair window) as per the following table:

Less than 40 minutes

No Service Credit available

More than 40 minutes but less than 2 hours


More than 2 hours but less than 4 hours


More than 4 hours but less than 8 hours


More than 8 hours but less than 12 hours


More than 12 hours but less than 18 hours


More than 18 hours



3.2.2. Service Credits will be applied against the Customers account for the calendar month in which the outage occurred. Service credits may not be transferred or applied to any other account.


3.3. Response Times

3.3.1. Our Service Desk will strive to provide the best possible service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, however VostroCloud cannot guarantee the response times below.

3.3.2. Our Service Desk will acknowledge your request within

  • 2 Standard Operational Hours of a ticket being lodged or

  • 6 Extended Operational Hours of a ticket being lodged

3.3.3. Our Service Desk will provide an action plan within

  • 4 Standard Operational Hours from the time of acknowledgement or

  • 8 Extended Operational Hours from the time of acknowledgment.

3.3.4. Our Service Desk will strive to resolve the fault within

  • 6 Standard Operational Hours from the time of providing an action plan or

  • 8 Extended Operational Hours from the time of providing an action plan.


4. Service Credits Request Procedure

4.1. In order to request a Service Credit, a Customer must submit an email request to [email protected]

4.2. The Customer must include the following details in a request:

  • Dates and times of the incident.

  • Duration of this incident.

  • Details of the outage experienced.

4.3. All requests must be submitted within ten (10) days of the SLA breach. VostroCloud will then contact the Customer and process the SLA claim if it has been deemed valid

4.4. Once a claim has been processed, we will calculate the Service Credit (if applicable) for the Service at the conclusion of the calendar month and credit this amount to your VostroCloud account.


5. SLA Exclusions

5.1. This SLA Service guarantee does not apply to any disruptions caused by events beyond our control such as:

  1. Interruption of the Service due to any Telecommunications Company circuits or failure of any Telecommunications Company services;

  2. Interruption of the Service due to your applications, your equipment, or your facilities;

  3. Where you cause and interruption of the Service due to your acts or omissions, or any use of the Service authorised by you;

  4. Where the Service is interrupted due to force majeure;

  5. Where we are requested by a public authority to provide emergency communications services to assist in emergency action, and the provision of those services restricts rectification of a fault or service difficulty; and

  6. Where we are prevented from connecting a specified service, or rectifying a fault or service difficulty, because we are unable to obtain lawful access to land or a facility.

  7. Damage to our network, equipment or facilities not caused by VostroCloud.

  8. Planned or Unplanned speed degradation (Not Service Loss).

5.2. You acknowledge that we do not warrant the availability or other characteristics of the Service or that any target provisioning, installation, response or rectification times will be met.