Become a Cloud Partner

VostroCloud offers an simple partner program allowing IT providers to implement cloud solutions for their customers.

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Cloud Partner Features

  • Considerable Partner level discounts
  • Reselling as your own brand or as VostroCloud brand
  • Full Unified Cloud Data Centre capabilities
  • Multi-tenancy and isolation under a single partner account
  • Self-manage and provision services on demand
  • Rent a full range of Microsoft software on a monthly basis
  • Physical connectivity and colocation options
  • Technical support and marketing assistance
  • No commitments, pay per month, cancel anytime

How you will benefit

Modern VAR and managed IT providers must move beyond simple needs of business users and provide scalable cloud solutions. Let us provide and manage the infrastructure layer and connectivity while you focus on providing customised applications for your clients. Significantly improve the appeal of proposed solutions and remove the need for capital expenditure, up-front hardware and software costs. Our support engineers and technical staff will provide training and escalated support.

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How your clients will benefit

Your customers will value the true benefits of cloud computing including lower IT costs, no capital expenditure, and ability to grow their resources on demand. Most importantly they will benefit from fast and secure Australian servers, solid uptime, high-availability features of the VostroCloud platform and full flexibility that will help them achieve their business goals.

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